July 2022 – Relocation Celebration

Our New Home

513 Homewood Ave. 

Gail welcomed everyone to our new home, Northside Fellowship Church. She started the meeting by giving Ann L. and Mary gifts from the Guild as well as a flower to Vernette for all her help in making this move happen. 

Waiting to eat and have a great time enjoying each other’s company. 
Bring on the food!

Games and Prizes

On the bottom of our plates was a number for a door prize. Maxine was the first winner, so she came up to the table to choose her prize.

Thank you, Laila! The prizes were great! She made sure that all attendees received a prize. 

Gail and Kathy handed out “goody bags” while Enola got the “QUILT” (BINGO) game ready. 

QUILT! Enola had us play 3 Quilt Bingo games with 2 winners for each game. 

All the flowers on the tables for decorations were given away.

Show & Tell

Catherine made a NICU quilt for The Mill.

Amy made 2 quilts for CrossRoads using donated blocks from a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt series.

Amy also made a lap quilt from a Black Panther panel. 
Phyllis made a "Convergence" quilt from a class. 
She also made a sewing machine cover for her new sewing machine!

Kathy S. made 3 quilts. 2 Scrappy and one she had made with Helen. 

The party was over and we started clean up. Thank you to all that stayed and helped!

More Thank You's

Thanks, also, to Gail and Enola, our Hospitality chairpersons, for coordinating a great party!

Thanks to Sylvia, our Historian, for the photos and descriptions above. See more photos from the party here.

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