June 2022 – Connie Griner – Sewing Curves

June was our last meeting at Davis St. Methodist Church. (Next month we’ll be moved to Northside Fellowship.)

Outreach – Adoption Quilts

We opened our meeting with an Adoption Quilt parade……14 quilts!

Guest Speaker

Our guest speaker was Connie Griner from the day guild. 

Her presentation was “Who’s Afraid Of Curved Piecing?”

Her First quilt was Halo quilt with circles on the back too!

The next quilt was Free Wheeling Single girl. Her first Single Girl is blue themed. The rings can be scrappy if you want.

After showing us her quilts with circles, she showed us several helpful techniques making circles/curves.

These templates were a great help to her. 

Our mission is to educate our members to enhance their quilting abilities

She continued to go over our handouts and said that we could find more quilts with curves and circles on InstaGram. #freewheelingsinglegirl

She then went over the Quilt Show for March 6-11, 2023 information that was available at this time. Our guild is to make a decision about joining them. 

Show and Tell

Enola made a cute flag to display at her camper.

Amy showed us 3 quilts that she had made for our charities.

Mary was next with 3 quilts that she had made from fabric she got at “The Mill”

Ann L. was next with 2 quilts she made for charity

One of our new members Jennifer made a Rainbow Quilt
Gail finished her Twister quilt wall hanging

Tanya brought a quilt hanging rack that her husband is making and selling for $10.00 per foot. Made from Oak! And She made a very simple (but reversible) flag to honor the people of Ukraine.

Phyllis made a quilt at retreat from a Pineapple Fabric’s kit. 

Thank you to all members and guests that came out to be with us at our last meeting on Davis St.  See you next month at our Relocation Celebration!



Thanks to Sylvia (Historian) for our meeting wrap-up.

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